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Macro Trading 101 Course is now offering a FREE course on macro trading.  The course covers all of the major macro topics such as definition of Global Macro, asset classes, asset class drivers, models to exploit different asset classes, basic economics, technical analysis, trade management, and risk management.

The course is FREE and all you need to do is fill out the short form and then go to your e-mail and confirm that you want to receive the course.  The course is sent in PDF format so that you can print it out.  We hope that you find it useful and welcome any comments or criticisms.

To sign up for the course click on the following link Macro Trading 101.

Changing Direction…..A Bit


As anyone who has been here is a while has noticed we have not been posting much at all.  We are changing directions with  Going forward this site will be dedicated to educating and informing people about Global Macro Trading.  We will post newsworthy items and educational articles so that you can better understand what Macro Trading is, the benefits, the drawbacks, the risks, and the rewards of Global Macro.

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TradeMacro will officially launch on 5/21/2007. For now we are finishing up the details and organization of the site. A quick overview-as the name implies we will cover Macro-Trading and Multistrategy trading. We kind of think the two go hand in hand. If we were a fund we would be a Multistrategy fund with a Macro-Trading overlay. We are pretty heavy into the use of models to track different markets and even have some automatic trading systems. But the majority of our trading still has at least some discretionary aspects and a few strategies are almost purely discretionary. We think that putting good quantitative models alongside commonsense over time outperforms and adds quite a bit of alpha. If any of this interests you then bookmark this page or put it in your RSS reader for when we actually post content.

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Disclaimer-None of this is investment advice. If you use it as such it is at your own (and your net worth’s) peril.